Electronic Material Slice Periphery BusinessIn this business we perform slice processing of electronic materials for solar batteries, LEDs, power devices, etc., and also manufacture diamond saw wires, the tools used for processing that we develop independently.
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High-precision Equipment Business In this business, we use a precision processing technology for hard and brittle materials to manufacture and process special precision parts with wear-resistant materials, such as PCD (sintered diamond), cemented carbide, and ceramics.Wear-resistant Parts
Mounter Nozzles
Micro Reactor Items
Automatic Nozzle Cleaner
Chemical Fiber Spinning Nozzle Business Nakamura Choukou Group and Nippon Nozzle Co., Ltd. manufacture various types of nozzles for synthetic fibers and the chemical industry, as well as precision accessories, nonwoven fiber devices, and precision devices. (Affiliate Company)Click here for details.
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IR Report
You can see our new IR report through the "Bridge Salon", Information Interchange of the Company and Investor.
Announced: December 26, 2017 
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